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  • What is sandblasting?
    Glass sandblasting is one of the most desirable etching processes available today because it can help you achieve artistic items with various unique effects. This process uses a sandblaster and an air compressor to power the system which blasts high pressure abrasives onto the glass. The hard abrasives then lightly chips the surface of the glass to create a frosted look. The longer you blast, and the higher the pressure, the deeper the exposed parts of the stencil are etched into the glass.Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for greater flexibility in design. Sandblasting is a labor-intensive process. The glasses are first prepped with hand-applied film masks and protective taping. Glasses are blasted with stream of pressurized abrasive in a special cabinet one at a time, then washed and packaged for shipment
  • What's the difference between sandblasting and etching creme?
    Sandblasted and etched glass both use abrasives which create a frosted appearance on the glass. Sandblasting usually uses a high-speed machine that blasts down on the glass panel with sand, walnut husks or other materials to achieve its look. (It can also be done by hand!) opaqueness that best fits your needs and is versatile in many ways when it comes to design. Glass etching comprises the techniques of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. Usually the design is affected after sometime of using the piece.
  • Is sandblasting permanent?
    Yes! It’s carved deeply into the glass surface, so it can’t be removed. Dish washing can’t buff it out or scratch it. Ceramics that have been blasted through the glaze may appear to be delicate, but the remaining glazed areas are as sturdy as they began.
  • Are Your Products Dishwasher- and Microwave-Safe?
    Yes! All our glassware are food-safe, and can be washed in a dishwasher! The design will never fade, wear, stain, or scratch.
  • Can you personalize my product?
    Yes! since we create our own desings and stencils we can create your ideas! Please consider that depending on the volume on the order and extra charge may be add for a customized desing. Email us for a quote and to review your project!
Nashville sandblasted drinkware
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