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we are?

We are a local  mom and  dad  team dedicated to crafting the highest quality drinkware that we can because we love to have our morning coffee in a mug that make us feel the vibrance of this city, and  on weekends we love to  offer our friends a glass of water or wine and surprise them with a sweet image of Nashville.


Our friends from different states enjoy to have a piece of TN in every mug / glass we bring because those reflects TN southern charm.

 We've put so much into each piece;  we offer an evolving selection of glassware, and all of our designs are super-crisp looking because we engrave instead of laser-etch, and all designs are original art. 







The idea came many years ago but in 2018  and after having a little boy, we decided to go ahead and found Made in Glass. Ismael is amazing using the cabin and tools, he learned the art many years ago in Mexico. Ana is in charge of designing stencils to create beautiful pieces. 

Together we are created beautiful drink ware so, you can enjoy your favorite drink, take a part of Nashville with you, and share the love with your friends and family. 


Our products nourish the soul with designs that make you feel happy, and remind you of special events while you take your meals and sip your favorite beverages. 

Nashville sandblasted drinkware
Made in Glass is a local family of crafters that want to share a little bit of Nashville in every sip of your favorite drink.

We've put so much love into each piece. 

sandblast process
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