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Nashville sandblasted drinkware

If you are looking for high quality drinkware with a handmade art process you're in the right place. 

All designs are created by us a local team, inspired by the vibe of this amazing city and created with love and passion for you.

Check out all our drinkware collection we have to offer: whiskey glass, tequila shots, coffee mugs; and if you're inspired and need a unique design for your next event, no worries you are covered, YES! we can personalized your favorite piece of drinkware! 

We are bringing to you luxury in a unique designed piece. All designs are exclusive to Made in Glass and will never wash off because the images are sandblasted into the glass' surface, rather than printed onto the surface. This gives glasses a frosted look and exposes the original stoneware on mugs.

Made in Glass has been created in Nashville, TN. offering Tennessee inspired designs  sandblasted in ceramic and glass. Our drinkware is great for memorable gifts, coffee shops retail and  your next big event.

Nashville sandblasted drinkware

We have captured the beautiful iconic landmarks of Nashville to created a unique piece of art 

Deeply    carving

The image is carved deeply into the piece. It never fade or wear away. 

TN inspired


Our Collection

solo red cup

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Mason Jar Franklin

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Coffee mug

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Campfire mug + view more


Whiskey glass + view more


Tequila shot glass + view more



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